Vasham – A crowdfunded Telugu feature film!!

The first crowd funded Indian film Manthan(1975) directed by the versatile director Shyam Benegal was funded by 5 lakh farmers who contributed 2 rupees each! Anurag Kashyap also followed this.

In South Indian films,crowdfunding is very new, and Pawan kumar’s Lucia is the first success here. It is slowly becoming a trend in south India too.

Our “Vasham” ( English title ‘The Book’ ) is a forth coming crowdfunded telugu film written by two engineering grads Rohit Mishra (Nit Jaipur) and Challa Srikanth ( IIT(ISM) Dhanbad ) and is going to be directed by Challa Srikanth.

We tried something unique for crowdfunding this film. We uploaded the first half of the script in our website ( for investors to read and then invest if they are convinced about the content.

A brief synopsis is available at ( )

Vasham Team is very happy happy that many of the stars in Tollywood ( Manoj Manchu, Lakshmi Manchu, Sundeep Kishan , Madhura sreedhar, vennela kishore, neelima Tirumalasetty,Varun sandesh, Allu Sirish ) retweeted their website and extended their support.

Allu Sirish personally met the Director and congratulated him for coming up with a new premise in tollywood.

Manoj ravinder, the head of the direction department says ” Imagine the world before the invention of aeroplanes, If I speak of people flying from one place to another then, most would say it is magic, but the truth is, it is pure science. This is what we deal in our Vasham, advanced science ( few might say Magic ). This is basically a psychological thriller”

The team launched the logo online in all its social networking pages today.

The logo of the film exactly portrays the same, A thriller look with undercurrent portrayal of science and spirituality background.

If you observe closely the background is a combination of chemical compounds , musical notes and maths equations in a book, used by a professor to control people.

Sain Designs – Photography created this logo.

SO guys please read the script and get back if interested and you can also follow us at

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