Last night I sat down to watch ‘Cache’ by Michael Haneke – an attempt to replace the lack of sleep. I sat down with an empty slate as I never saw any of his previous works and now after 24 hrs I am still thinking about this movie. Despite watching so much of world cinema, well I still have ocean of good movies to watch though, you still remember those special moments of watching some really special movies like Rashomon, Fight Club, Taxi Driver, Fallen Angels, The lives of others and The Edge of heaven etc.

You remember them not so much because of the themes, but the way they portray the characters and how they slowly consume your thoughts and take you to a plane where you cease to exist as yourself with all your experiences and learnings. You become one with the characters on screen, you flow with each scene and finally you are reduced to what director wanted you to watch and experience. Such was the experience of watching ‘Cache’. You are glued to the film from the beginning till the end, not only because it has the pace of a thriller, but because of its undertone and the way the director deals with the story. At the end of the movie, it becomes a puzzle, very hard to crack, and when you solve it, you will realize the movie is about people like us, well most of us, who hide themselves carefully, and sometimes very unconsciously, under the veil of sophisticated and worldly definitions of a ‘good human being’. Scratch the surface and you will see almost every one of us is a racist and prejudiced with whole lot of complex beliefs – only if we care to look candidly.

Turning into the story, it is the story of a happy family, consisting of a wife (Anne) & husband (Georges) and their young son, each one busy with their comfortable lives. At the beginning of the movie, you will find that Georges & Anne watching surveillance tape of their house, left by someone unknown at their door step. Not knowing who has shot the video and the intentions behind it, they decide to ignore it. Initially they think it’s perhaps a prank by someone known to their family or their son. Day after day, they keep receiving different surveillance tapes, blank telephone calls and police refuse to look into the issue as there appears to be no obvious threat. The contents of the surveillance tapes lead Georges to different places and meeting people from his past.

Will he be able to get to person sending surveillance tapes? Will he find out the reasons behind them? You need to watch the movie to find out the answers for yourself.

This movie may or may not have the impact on you as much as it has on me, but it’s a movie that you can’t put away for its sheer intelligence. It not only breaks cinematic formulae, in telling the story, but also demands you to give your full attention from the beginning to the end. I am now eager to watch rest of his popular works!!!

—Shyam Prasad Kumpati