Film Appreciation Course at Ramanaidu Film School

At this very proud moment when India is celebrating her 100th year of Cinema, it is only fair for us to ‘understand’ and appreciate the global impact of such a young industry.

Ever since the screening of the very first film The Horse In Motion (1878) the curiosity and interest cinema has had on the audience is immeasurable.

We ‘are’ what we are only because of what we ‘were’ in the past. The same applies to cinema.

To look back at the history of cinema is important. To really understand what contemporary cinema is made up of we need to look at what went before because on the foundation of the past is based the present and the future.

The language of cinema is universal which crosses all boundaries. Cinema has been influenced by various artists, countries, innovators, art forms, businesses and most importantly the socio-political growth and decline of the world history itself.

The coming together of these forces creates something unique which is cinema as we know it today. Understanding these contributions makes the study of cinema more interesting and valuable.

Ramanaidu Film School is very proud to spread this joy to any cinephile of Hyderabad.

Film Appreciation Course will be on every Saturday starting from June 1st 2013 for four weeks.

Course Content:

  • June 1st 2013: Film Language
  • June 8th 2013: Film Form & Style
  • June 15th 2013: Cinematographic Style & Sound Design
  • June 22nd 2013: Basic Visual Components
  • June 29th 2013: Plot Structure & Genre

Duration: 5 Weeks
Time: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Course fee: Rs 5000/
Student Concession: Rs 2,500/