రిత్విక్ ఘటక్ ఒక సినిమా దర్శకుడిగా ఎంతో మంది నవ యువ దర్శకులకు ఆదర్శంగా నిలిచాడు. ఒక సినిమా దర్శకునిగానే కాకుండా పూనే ఫిల్మ్ ఇన్స్టిట్యూట్ లో వైస్ ప్రిన్సిపల్ గా తన బోధనలతో ఎంతో మంది విద్యార్థులనూ నవ్య సినిమా వైపు నడిపించాడాయన. ఆయన విద్యార్థులయిన మణి కౌల్, అదూర్ గోపాలకృష్ణన్, జాన్ అబ్రహంలు తర్వాతి కాలంలో భారతీయ నవ్య సినిమా ఉద్యమంలో ముఖ్యపాత్ర వహించారు.

అమెరికన్ ఫిల్మ్ క్రిటిక్ John Levich రిత్విక్ గురించి ఇలా చెప్పారు.

Ritwik Ghatak’s stint as Vice-Principal of FTII left something of him in his students. A John Abraham would never have happened were it not for the tutelage of Ghatak. John did what he did because Ghatak validated his angst. Similar was the case with his other protégés, but besides these few men, the legacy of Ghatak seems to have terminated. We need more people to be aware of this great man’s oeuvre and humanity. We need young filmmakers to continue in the tradition of this alternative school of filmmaking.

రిత్విక్ ఘటక్ ప్రియ శిష్యుల్లో ఒకరయిన జాన్ అబ్రహం ఆయనకు నివాళులర్పిస్తూ రాసిన ఈ కవిత చదివితే వారిద్దరి మధ్య ఉన్న అనుబంధం అర్థమవుతుంది.

Ritwik Ghatak,
in partition, not physically of willingness
-the country departed
Out of his outer consciousness – cosmic consciousness
none of his mistakes,
Reactions – natural reactions – reflections
Ritwik Ghatak,
refugee, unborn, unwanted, unbearable
penetrative towards the Victorian hangover
of the Tagorian corruption of thinking

Life was more important to him
than the words in praise of god,
the god of Victorian Tagorian thinking.

Hence, he was rejected from the Bengalian thinking
Ritwik Ghatak – the name doesn’t suit
the hierarchic thinking of
the Raynian Zamidarian thinking
Perhaps, the long echo of the forgotten factors
that becomes reminiscence of
the ‘death of the salesman’ or otherwise
the long columns and no more Chhabi Biswas,
Cardiac arrest is common.
The death of Ghatak is uncommon.

Nay, Ritwik Ghatak
I remember, a tall man
his hands moving around my shoulders,
catching me with the feeling of nearness,
rather than imperialism-
the man who stands before me
questioning my manliness
loosing his hands to shake my hands
in appreciation of manliness
recognizing each other-
abiding in each other
kicking on my an’s and telling me
“Get up, awake shoot”
I remember, not with sentiments
with awakening proud, Ritwik Ghatak

Ritwik Daa,
let me call you Ritwik Daa,
I know that you are no more.
But I am, alive for you
Believe me. When the seventh seal is opened
I will use my camera as my gun
and I am sure the echo of the sound
will reverberate in your bones,
and feed back to me for my inspiration.

Thank you Ritwik Daa,
I am thanking you
not with impotency and insipidity

Ritwik Daa,
I remember you,
when the words fails to criticize you,
Ritwik Daa,
eternally you are
in my brain
in my spirit and
in my Holy Ghost