వెర్నర్ హెర్జోగ్ చిత్రాల ప్రదర్శన

ఆధునిక జర్మన్ చిత్రాలనే కాకుండా ప్రపంచ చలన చిత్రాలనే ప్రభావితం చేస్తున్న జర్మన్ దర్శకుడు వెర్నర్ హెర్జోగ్ చలనచిత్రాల ప్రదర్శన నేటి నుంచి ప్రారంభమౌతోంది. బంజారాహిల్స్ రోడ్ నెం. 1లోని లామకాన్ ఇందుకు వేదిక కానుంది. నవతరంగం, గోథే జంత్రం, దాక్యుమెంటరీ సర్కిల్ ఆఫ్ హైదరాబాద్, అలెయన్స్ ఫ్రాంచైస్, గ్రేటర్ హైదరాబాద్ అడ్వెంచర్ క్లబ్, లామఖాన్ సంయుక్త ఆధ్వర్యంలో జరిగే ఈ చిత్ర ప్రదర్శన మూడు రోజులపాటు వుంటుంది.

సమయం 7 గంటల నుండి
అందరూ ఆహ్వానితులే

ప్రదర్శించే చిత్రాల వివరాలు

18 అక్టోబర్ మగళవారం: హౌ మచ్ వుడ్ వుడ్ ఏ ఉడ్ చక్ చక్ (డాక్యుమెంటరీ) (1978)
లాస్ట్ వర్డ్స్ (డాక్యుమెంటరీ)(1968)
ద డార్క్ గ్లో ఆఫ్ ద మౌంటైన్స్ (1984)
19 అక్టోబర్ భుధవారం: వీల్ ఫ్రం టైం (2003)
20 అక్టోబర్ గురువారం: ది వైల్డ్ బ్లూ యాండర్ (2005)

వెర్నర్ హెర్జోగ్ గురించి

Director. Writer. Producer. Has studied history, literature and theatre, but hasn’t finished it. Founded his own production company in 1963. Has staged several operas, besides others in Bayreuth, Germany, and at the Milan Scala in Italy. Herzog has won numerous national and international awards for his films.

He is often considered as one of the greatest figures of the New German Cinema. His films often feature heroes with impossible dreams, people with unique talents in obscure fields, or individuals who find themselves in conflict with nature. French filmmaker François Truffaut once called Herzog “the most important film director alive.”

ప్రదర్శించబోయే సినిమాల గురించి

How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck is a 1976 documentary film by German director Werner Herzog, produced by Werner Herzog Filmproduktion. It is a 44 minute film documenting the World Livestock Auctioneer Championship held in New Holland, Pennsylvania. Herzog has said that he believes auctioneering to be “the last poetry possible, the poetry of capitalism.” Herzog describes the auctioneering as an “extreme language … frightening but quite beautiful at the same time.”

Last Words (German: Letzte Worte) is a 1968 short film by Werner Herzog shot in Crete and on the island of Spinalonga. The film was shot in two days during the filming of Herzog’s feature Signs of Life, and edited in one day. The film tells a story of the last man to leave the abandoned island of Spinalonga, which had been used as a leper colony. The man refused to leave, and so was forcibly removed. He now lives in Crete, where he plays the lyre at nights in a bar, and refuses to speak. The film’s narrative style is very unconventional, with most characters speaking their lines several times repeatedly in long takes.

The Dark Glow of the Mountains is a TV documentary made in 1984 by German filmmaker Werner Herzog. It is about an expedition made by freestyle mountain climber Reinhold Messner and his partner Hans Kammerlander to climb Gasherbrum II and Gasherbrum I all in one trip without returning to base camp. The film is not so much concerned with showing the climb itself or giving guidelines on mountaineering, but seeks to reveal the inner motivation of the climbers.

Wheel of Time is a 2003 documentary film by German director Werner Herzog about Tibetan Buddhism. The title refers to the Kalachakra sand mandala that provides a recurring image for the film. The film documents the two Kalachakra initiations of 2002, presided over by the fourteenth Dalai Lama. The first, in Bodhgaya India, was disrupted by the Dalai Lama’s illness. Later that same year, the event was held again, this time without disruption, in Graz Austria. The film’s first location is the Bodhgaya, the site of the Mahabodhi Temple and the Bodhi tree. Herzog then turns to the pilgrimage at Mount Kailash. The film then focuses on the second gathering in Graz.

The Wild Blue Yonder is a science fiction film released in 2005. It has been presented at the 62nd Venice Film Festival, where it was awarded the FIPRESCI Prize. It went on to screen in competition at the Mar del Plata Film Festival and the Sitges Film Festival, it won “Carnet Jove – Special Mention” at the latter. Most of the film consists of recontextualized documentary footage which is overlaid with fictional narration.

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