ADVAITHAM – A Director’s note

I started my career in the art form of story telling as an animator, later on with so many ups and downs now I am at this stage as a filmmaker. With the experience in filmmaking I’ve learnt that I just need to follow the discipline of a genre, let it be comedy, romance, drama or action.

The inspiration for Advaitham at story level was none but all those things happened in front of my eyes since my childhood.

I strongly say that no one has a cast by birth. In my belief there exist only two casts.the good and the bad. Advaitham depicts the union of two souls that surpassed the boundaries of casteism.

Though there were several subconscious inspirations from my own experiences, stories told by my father who is a writer himself helped me to understand the real human life in the villages of India. At the center of all those inspirations were the overriding personal observations of my views, especially when it comes to the supporting characters. These my instincts made me to make this tale of ADVAITHAM –Pradeep M

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