ఆన్ లైన్లో Song of life

Try to remember that chai shop chit chat; mid night hang outs, Xerox
notes , one day batting and pairs in library!!. This movie is an
honest effort of ours to capture those nostalgic moments on
screen!!.The golden days which were full of fun,zeal,passion and that
go to hell attitude and definitely the best part of our total lives.

The movie ‘Song of Life’ is a result of constant dedicated hard work,
efforts and screening sessions over the past 18 months. This movie
focuses on the four years life of an engineering student and his
transformation in these years from a +2 kid to become a man ready to
meet this world, through the main character Kunal.

In the movie Kunal narrates his college life, his relationship with
his friends Amlan , Viru , Bharath ,Shreya and his seniors Soumya and
Varma. Kunal’s passion for music and his involvement in politics and
his career choices, his likes ,dislikes, mistakes,comebacks!!.And
finally Kunal sums up what he learnt in his college life from his

We offer you nothing except Nostalgia!! For all world movie lovers
here is an honest attempt
to capture our golden days on screen!!

Details of the online movie will be available in the link



Two seperate uploads are available

one for US citizens


And for rest of the world!! Do check it  in

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