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we are very happy to inform all the film makers that Karimnagar film society (affiliated to federation of film societies of india) is organizing its regular annual event ‘ NATIONAL SHORT AND DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL-2011′ from 11-13 March 2011 at Karimnagar,Andhra Pradesh

The festival consists of two sections:

* The regular festival section with short and documentary films to be screened at main venue FILMBHAVAN and different college auditorium.
* The second section of the festival has been introduced as a competitive section for the short and documentary films, with cash prizes and ‘INDIAN ROLLER AWARDS’

28 February 2011


1) Festival is competitive for the PALAPITTA AWARDS (INDIAN ROLLER)
2) All Films should be under 30 minutes.
3) In the competition two PALAPITTA AWARDS will be given for the short and documentary films separately. Winners will be presented Rs.10, 000=00 (Rupees ten thousand), Shawl, Memento and a citation as first prize and Rs.5000=00 (Rupees five thousand), Shawl, Memento and a citation as second prize for the two categories separately.
4) ENTRY FEE FOR COMPETITION: Please send Rs.500/- for each category towards an entry Fee for the competition through a crossed Demand Draft in favor of KARIMNAGAR FILM SOCIETY payable at Karimnagar.
5) There will be pre-selection for all categories and all entries.
6) To register your film in any section, fill the ENTRY FORM in Electric Format / by hand. Post it, signed, to us with two DVD copies of your film, with a synopsis, two quality stills from the film and a photo of the Director. Film title, your name, e-mail.


Film should have been completed during the period between January 2008 and December 2010
One director/producer can submit a maximum of 3 films in the Film festival.
Karimnagar Film Society does not take the responsibility of damage and returning of any DVDs submitted to it.
If your film was produced on film/Beta/U-matic /VHS format, it. Should be converted into Mini DV and DVD format.


1. Synopsis of the film not to exceed 150 words (2 Copies)
2. Resume (career record and significant achievement)
3. Two passport size color photos
4. Poster of the Film (Optional)
5. Stills of the film
6. Any other publicity material

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