ఒక ఫిల్మ్ మేకర్ స్వగతాలు

“Don’t Say Good Bye” is a heart touching love song which every one would connect to…

The most wonderful feeling in this world is LOVE.. What if your love leaves you and make you alone??

Here is the guy who is living in the memory of his love… Requesting her to come back, Recollecting the sweet memories, Telling how much he miss her and dreaming about her…

What makes me to do this song is nothing but the wonderful lyrics in this Song.

Lyrics were written by Dhaya cyrus, who is also composer and singer for this Song.

I simply bow my head to Mr.Dhaya for his composition, lyrics and his wonderful voice. We can hear this song for 100times even without visuals. What if the visuals are added? This was the question which haunted me for many days… If visuals don’t match to audio, it would be great failure as a director. So, I took it as a challenge and decided to make it into video.

Starting Troubles:

In January I tried to make this one with karthik (Break the silence hero) for a music competition.. But as I got a chance for feature film I left it. Days passed but my project was never moved forward. I’ve managed to release PINKSLIP by april and it got good applause (Already nominated to SDFF and HSFF). As producer was busy in his liquor auctions, he asked me for 2months time. At this time, I again thought of  making this video.

This time, I wanted to go with Surya Rao(Pink Slip hero)/Veeren (Art of Living hero). I’ve planned to shoot this near a small village in Chennai. On of my friend, Mr.Arul came forward to produce it. Everything was ready. But suddenly arul dropped from this project because of his personal problems (Not to blame him)… I’ve no other way, except to postpone it.

Getting Started:

Things were getting started for my feature film. Producer agreed to everything except budget (Most common thing). I said, I had given that budget for safety zone but can I do it within that only. He hasn’t accepted. Here is the situation for me to prove that I’ve control over budget. Now, I’ve chosen this song again to prove that. As I’ve decided to cast Santhosh Yaramada in my debut film, I’ve approached him to do this song. He readily agreed to it as he has great faith in me. My intention was not only check my control over budget but also to check whether santhosh will mingle with me or not…

This time I got 2 producers for this, sharing the budget as it’s some what high. One producer is from UK. Another one is from Bengaluru and he deposited the money to my account well before 2weeks of the shoot. So, with that half budget I’ve started planning for our movie hoping for the best. But things won’t go as we think 🙂

Shoot & Troubles:

I planned to shoot this song on 5th,6th,7th and 8th august for four days. I’ve gone for location scouting 1week before and finalized all the locations. Hero have booked his air ticket and I’ve reserved a suit here in 3star hotel. But, still we dont have a heroin for the song. I approached a girl in vizag and she had been pending her decision. I thought she might agree and was busy in my arrangements. Suddenly, my cinematographer daniel called me and said that his mothr was ill and so he couldn’t come. Hero asked me to change the cinematographer then. I know many cinematographer’s who r willing to work with me, but I don’t wanna discontinue our team and hence decided to postpone again as we don’t have heroin too..

I still remember, some of my friends saying, “Once postponed project never be completed”… And I smiled saying “it wil”

This time, I’ve postponed it to 12th to15th august. Daniel’s mother was good and he was ready to come. This time, I don’t wanna take chances and planned everything perfectly. We have approached deepa who is pair to santosh in “Ninnu kalisaka” but as she was busy in tamil shooting, she recommended vinita. She is from chennai. After seeing her pics, I was impressed and immediately booked the tickets to her.

We started the shoot at 11am on 1st day. It was late. We shot some good shots because of nice locations and went for lunch at 2pm which was so far. It wasted around 2hrs tim for us. Main problem is, we can’t eat there even if we take the food as the location is beach, full of sand. Another problem we had faced is, there is no room for actors to change their dresses. (Usually for films, there will be hving Carvans on the spot). But still we managed it somehow. Thanks to actors for adjsuting. At the end of the day, we couldn’t make much of the shots.

Most worst day in our shoot is the second. The Location we chose was “Thatipudi” which is so far from my hometown vizianagaram. And also we have to go on a boat to the location carrying all the equipment. This time, we went for “Jimmy jib” to get good shots but they arrived very late to location at 9am. Before that we have taken few montages to cover the time. After the journey, We mounted jimmy jib at 1pm successfully. I was very happy that, I was going to use jimmy for my shoot for the first time, same as my cinematographer. Seems like everything was going fine but suddenly generator was turned off. Its a big blow to us. Without generator there can’t be a monitor and without monitor we can’t operate a jimmy. We tried for 1hr to repair it. But no use. We have no time to go for another generator too as it would take more than 2hrs time. So, we decided to go without monitor. Hell, without monitor we can’t go for typical or dynamic shots. So, we went for normal shots just like w were using a manual crane. May be, we have booked jimmy with 10,000 for taking pics. LOL

Another big blow on the same day was vinita’s leg was broken.She couldn’t dance any more. But we need to finish it and the girl has to go next day as we booked the tickets already. Then what shall we do? Nothing, just we made her to walk and hero dances. So, u can’t find her dancing in the video much. But still, it wasn’t completed and so cancelled the tickets. of course, which in turn increases our budget.

And also same day, water went into Camera which costs us 4,000 to repair it after the shoot.

At the end of the day, I’ve nothing left in my hand. Still 2days shoot left and half of the budget was over. I’ve been contacting the guy in UK on phone for the money but he hasn’t responded for many days but I thought he would give at-least  in last minute as he promised to give. But he didn’t. I some how managed to caught him and I wondered that he still thinking whether to give me or not. He might told me this before so that I can arrange somewhere else. As it was a last minute (night before 3rd day shot) I had to arrange and so, asked to him as a debt at least, for which I’ve got the answer as “Call ended”. I’ve no other option and called my friend nagendra. Within 5minutes, money was in my account. 🙂

With the lessons I’ve learnt in first 2days, I’ve sped up the work in 3rd day as I need to complete any how. Mostly I’ve done patch work too in 3rd day. Actually we need to go to araku on that day but I’ve cancelled and changed the locations in order to complete. I made no one to rest. And finally got I what I want. Its the most satisfied day for me.

We have only hero shots for 4th day. He has to go to 5pm flight and so we need to finish it by 3pm. Everything was OK, but we need rain for the line “When rain pour straight over my face then , I get the feel of u”. We have been waiting for it from the beginning of the shoot but no rain at all. So, I shot that line in a water fall.. But I wasn’t satisfied. We have packed up. Hero is in real hurry. I was some what dull ending like that. While we r going suddenly the rain started. Immediately we got down from the car and shot that line too. That was most memorable moment. By that I can say, “Luck would favor for those who work hard”


4days Scouting

4days shooting

40hours post production (in 10days)

50,000 budget

Gives us ONE “Don’t say Good Bye”

I don’t say that this song is outstanding. I know what all the mistakes are there in this song. This song would be very nice if I go for nice choreographer. But, I don’t wanna as it adds some more budget to us. Our Crew is very less. Me, dani, santosh, Vinita and driver. We  5 are the crew for this song leaving the workers who come with the crane set up. We don’t have any assistant. But two of my friends Jagadish and Srikanth helped us in few aspects and dani’s friend took the photographs.

U can see my name credited as Choreographer too but actually I haven’t danced on spot. I’ve explained the steps to my friend srikanth in my room which I want. He practiced them and explained those to the pair on sets. Even my cinematographer dani too don’t know that, everyone might think, I’ve grabbed the credit.

I loved the song. Lead pair done good job. Dhaya gave good music. Daniel have done nice cinematography. Tulasi provided good costumes and shankar have done nice editing, vfx nd coloring. Everyone done their job and I just collaborate everyone. Thats the director job actually 🙂

Thanks Giving:

Without three persons, this song might not happen..

1. Dhaya: Have to think him so much for the splendid one. He already composed 3songs for our movie. No doubt he is going to rock tollywood very soon.

2. Daniel: He came to work with us even his mother was not feeling well and worked really hard. He used to be dominant on the spot. Someone coming to my spot might wonder what I’m supposed to do when I was so calm there. But thing is, I would explain all the things to him before the shoot. So, there would be no much more discussion on the spot. Usually I would tell what shot I want he composes it. I’ve to accept that he is very good in composing the shot

3. Santosh: Being a hero (as he acted in movie already), he is so calm and friendly. No doubt, hez directo’s actor. He will do whatever director wants. If any one finds that santosh expressions were bad, that fault was mine. He tanned his skin in a hard sun light. Rolled over sand, walked in the rain, got wet in water falls, sometimes he worked even without watr and food. I liked his dedication. I guess he can achieve great heights if he can work with good directors, not with a director like me. LOL

I’ve to mention some other who added lot more to the project.

1.Vinita: A beautiful girl, came from chennai to work with us. Thats so nice of her. Worked hard in sunlight and the smile remains on her lips even after facing many problems. Thanks a lot to her.

2. Tulasi: Who have designed cotumes for heroin. Very nice to work with her. Thanks tulasi

3. Shakar: 20years old young fellow who can do anything for a film. He edited the song very nicely and provided with good vfx. He can achieve heights if he can reduce his temper and frustration.

I’ve to specially mention Murali Krishna from banglore who has invested money in this song without expcting anything in return. We haven’t met till now and we hardly spoke on phone for 5times. I wonder how he believes in me and asked, he said “I believe the people with talent”. Its so nice of him actually. Thank you so much murali garu


Song was over. Got tremendous response already. What next?

Hmm.. Here is the anwser who are keeping on asking me the question “when is ur movie?”

At present, I’ve 3 producers. In which one of them is very active and interested in my project. We have some budget problems and we need to fix them. Actually they can produce a 10cr budget movie too and can go for big directors with their contacts but they wanna enter with a small movie before going big. Lets hope we work it out together.

I decided my cast and finalized santosh (guy in the song). I’ve approached vennela Kishore and he too agreed for doing a lead role in it. Ofcourse, haven’t signed any. I decided to go with my own crew for my first movie. Script was ready. Most probably I would make the same script . No chance of changing my cast or crew for this script and even ready to change the producer. If it won’t workout, I would better take some time and come up with new script and cast.

But whatever I make, Whenever I release, I promise that I would come up with good movie irrespective of hit or flop.

Last Lines:

I have made “Flat no.101” and “Life is beautiful” with 300 rupees budget each, which in turn can be caliculated as 100 for minute video as they ar 3minute videos each

I’ve made “Art of Living” “Be Alive” “My Dear father” “Why should I” and “Break the silence” by spending 1000 for minute

I’ve made PINKSLIP by spending 2000 for minute which is 22,000 budget for 11minutes video

And last I made DGG by spending 10,000 for minute..

U can see the development in all those videos. I’ve given my best in every project within the budget. What if I get 1lakh a minute which means 1.2cr for a movie? (excluding publicity)

Then, it would be like 10times the DSG, isn’t it?

Let see, who is the lucky producer 🙂


For those, who think that we too can make better song if we have the better budget, that’s great.. Fine. Do it and show us 🙂

-Srinu Pandranki

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