సినీపరిశ్రమ : వ్యభిచారం – కొన్ని ప్రశ్నలు

A few months back there was a sensational news which emerged when an actress by name Bhuvaneswari was arrested on charges of prostitution in Chennai. It was not just her arrest but the charges that she revealed names of few other actresses indulging in prostitution and other activities which caused so much of unrest among the southern film industriees. After a few days of media glare and much bickering later, Bhuvaneswari’s issue is totally forgotten and it is back to a state where “All is Well”. The same has happened now in Telugu film industry.

But is there more to this issue than what meets the eye? Aren’t those industry elders safeguarding their own backs by saving Bhuvaneswari, Jyoti, Sairabanu and her likes? May be they are fearing for those secrets and skeletons which might tumble out from the closet of  these girl’s bedrooms? What bugs me is that why any actress who enters the film industry with just stars in her eyes ends up into this immoral activities? I am sure about one thing, Bhuvaneswari, like all other actresses might have entered the film industry with just stars in her eyes and filmy dreams in her mind. Then why did she end up like this?

When any starlet with stars in her eyes lands in filmdom, the first lesson she learns is to sell her body off. If the young lady does not have any background, she would be forced to indulge into the sexual acts by those who surround the premises of any studio. All the groping eyes of many fall on these young ladies coming with their portfolio and asking for a role. Once the girl passes the initial hurdle then many more follow as she has to cater to the carnal pleasures of many who treat her as their property.

The poor thing, even before getting her dreams realised, gets to know that her dreams come at a very high cost. And to live that dream for long, she has to sacrifice even more. These girls who for no other option become the vamps of the films showing some skin. And very quickly they are labelled as prostitutes, even though they just act. They are labelled as an item, by the industry people and the public alike. Wherever they go, they are seen as the prostitutes who dance for the money.

People forget that there is a thin line which divides profession and a person. What these girls enact on screen is taken as their real image and prompt are the calls of one-night stands for a good price. If the girl falls for it then it she is a confirmed prostitute who offers good job. The girl takes up this as a profession and ends up as one all her life. Or when she is fed up of that tag, she commits suicide or lands in a jail just as Bhuvaneswari and Reshma did. The role of Bhuvaneswari and Reshma are just tips of the iceberg to the field of prostitution which is based in film industry. I am no supporter of the acts of Bhuvaneswari for running a brothel, but I am only discussing the bigger problem which is creating the situation in the industry frequently.

I have few questions to pose.

1. Why can‘t the so-called industry elders make an effort to nip this phenomenon at the bud?

2. Why cannot they make an effort to clear the dirty image the art field has gathered?

3. Why cannot the industry elders stop the practise which has a name, CASTING COUCH?

4. Why should any female artist (what a relief to call ladies an artist) indulge in flesh trade before getting a role?

True, there are some in the industry who treat female artists with all respect, but there are few whose lusty tales are whispered in secret. Can the industry elders stop these leeches from targeting an innocent prey.

If they act now, then the day would not be far when a parent would encourage his daughter to pursue an acting career.

Hope that day comes,


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