ప్రస్థానం-My view-కేశవ్ చరణ్

Warning: Spoiler ahead

What is it about?

The story’s theme is about looking into a deeper insight of human behavior-how he behaves when he loses what he wants and when he gets an immoral chance to reach what he needs.

Most of the characters are from a family with a political background. The lead characters are ended according to their moral behaviors and the theme followed is ‘good always wins over bad’ !

Though the theme seems routine like our hero bashing villains, the movie goes in an entirely different narrative style, which has brought life to the movie. Lets go into details

Characters and their performances

Saikumar : He is an MLA, strong leader who wins 5 elections consecutively. A person who believes in practicality rather than idealism. In the climax, his character reveals the hypocritical nature of a human who succumbs to weaknesses at times and finally he dies .

His performance is unique and it’s a tailor made role for him. Some dialogues where Sai Kumar narrates to Sharwanad regarding human behavior can’t be imagined in a better modulation by any other actor. Among all the performances I’ve seen, this is his most powerful realistic performance.

Sharwanand :He is the son of a mother who is married to Sai Kumar after his birth. But Sai Kumar believes in him as a true leader and makes him his political successor. His character is an ideal one who can’t deviate from morals even at a peak stage of insanity ! He is the only lead character who lives till the end.

His action is perfect for what is needed. Comparing to other performances, this is his best. Especially in those scenes where leadership qualities are portrayed. Though his character was main, it was treated with normality like any other character.

Sandeep:A bad son to SaiKumar. Drug addict, ill treated by family, negative thinker. Finally bursts out as a disturbed person. Kills whoever comes in his path. Rapes the girl who cared for him, then repents. He is the negative shade of a human behavior, who craves for sympathy, suffers from identity-crisis, inferiority complex etc. His qualities are those a man shouldn’t have.

He did the role with ease without doing any over action like a psychopath. He is so intelligent that he justifies his brutality and gave tremendous expressions to show it on the screen.

Surekha Vani :She is Sharwanand’s sister. She is killed by Sandeep. She hates her mother since childhood but keeps her ego aside and interacts with family regularly.

Her action is matured as elder sister, showing her hatred and caring at the same tame. She did well in her death scene.

Jeeva : A politician who has some vested interests in a granite quarry on which Sai Kumar protests. Finally he tries to lure SaiKumar to win elections and becomes his ally.

He is a cheap politician who lacks pride.

His acting is obviously good since we have seen it many times.

Jayaprakash Reddy :He is another fake-leader who tries to counter SaiKumar and falters.

He is the comic part of the movie and with an assistant (30 yrs industry actor) they brought the crowd into splits !

Ruby Parihar : Sharwanand’s cousin and fiancee. Very unimportant character, acting is just average. Her dances are fine.

Vennela Kishore :Friend to Sharwanand. His character is of no use and his dialogues are not that engaging even. But he tried to give his best in his scope.

Madhu: He plays the role of Basha. Works under Saikumar, a honest servant. He knows the evil face of SaiKumar. He repents for being honest and finally helps Sharwanand in from his brother and goons.

Nadia: Daughter of Basha. Her intimacy with Sandeep increases, and finally he rapes her for loving him.

Both acted with ease.

Guy with Siva maala: He is also a guy similar to Basha who works in the camp of Sai Kumar, he finally assists Sharwanand and he gets killed in the political drama. He did amazingly well as an uneducated follower.

Technicalities and script

With these characters, one would have got a brief overview of the movie. But the greatest part lies in dialogues and cinematography. Some instances where a man bursts out his thoughts when some disaster strikes him are exceptionally narrated.

For eg. Basha, who lives like a loyal servant says “ఎన్ని చేశాను రా మీ కోసం!” when his daughter dies. Sai Kumar says “చూశావా..నీ కొడుకు నా కొడుకుని చంపేశాడు”… when Sandeep dies…. and the characters get into the spiral as the story moves forward.

Most of the dialogues have great depth in their meaning. Eg. “మనషికి ఉన్నది స్వార్థమే, నిస్వార్థం స్వార్థాన్ని కాపాడే కంచె లాంటిది.”… “రాజకీయం అంటే పులి మీద స్వారీ లాంటిది. ఒక సారి ఎక్కితే ఆగకూడదు. దిగితే చచ్చిపోతాము.”

And cinematography was great and lighting was taken good care in the scenes in 2nd half. Showing flashback in black n white is good. Or else present time and past would’ve been difficult to distinguish. Its clear that the lighting in the movie was not modified much by any editing effect. Editing is plain without effects or transitions.

Screenplay is well written with some lighter laughing moments. By making the characters fix to their intensity levels, narration was proper.

Music is apt. Mahesh Shankar came up with songs which doesn’t appeal to a music album. But they are mixed with the movie well along with the BGM. But some tunes were not good enough. Best of the lot was ‘ఎవడే వాడు’.


Till now the good points were addressed. The main bad points include the heroine and co. Her role was fine. But the timing of songs was really annoying. Y2k song in 1st half and duets in 2nd half were of no use. Diwali song was lengthy though it was rendered well. Because of them the story had speed breakers.

The other things that had to be considered was a glitch in direction. The dialogues were told in a way longer than needed, something which we hardly observe in… say a Seenu Vaitla movie. The editing should have been a bit more faster in the 2nd half.

Sharwanand, though considered as ‘the good’ among ‘The good, bad and ugly’ characters, was not projected strongly. He seems more like any other character. It would have been better if his version of script is more precise with better dialogues because Sai Kumar dominated the movie and Sharwanand looked more like a dumb leader.

Concluding, with the movie trimmed, this movie surely turns out as a must watch for those who believe that movie is a mixture of story and presentation, told as rationally as possible.

Watching a realistic and matured Telugu movie is a rare occasion !

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