ప్రస్థానం-My view-రాజశేఖర్

The story begins with the killing of a leader and his key follower Loki (saikumar) is made to take his place. And also took his promise so that he look after his wife and two kids so he marries her.The step son Mitra (sharwanand) follows Loki at every step and while Loki becomes MLA, Mitra becomes the youth leader. However, this situation makes Loki’s own son Chinna (sandeep) insecure where he is always dreamed and filled of power and pride in his mind which made him hot blooded guy.This state of mind leads him to one mistake after another and this leads to a major distruction in the family.In all this, Mitra discovers a shocking truth and what happens from there forms the rest of the story.

Sharwanand after gamyam did a very different role and looks very apt to the role and he did justice.Sandeep is very good and will have bright future , he has given an intense and good performance. Sai Kumar was splendid, his dialogue delivery and the right kind of body language suited very well for the role.Jeeva was effective, Jayaprakash Reddy gave the right dose of humor, Ruby was there for the songs only, Vennela Kishore was disappointing, the others did their bit as required and added a lot of value.
Direction & Screenplay:
Deva Katta come up with a very powerful storyline where he weaved it well with family and politics together combined.Actually he should be appreciated for his daring to select such a complicated subject after his previous film.He presented the story in a very convincing way but the narration is pretty not well.And the songs are not necessary for the story where it keep on pausing the flow which made little disturbance.The screenplay should have been more better for even better result of the movie.Dialogues written by him are very powerful and effective and it suited and the helped the story.
Music is average but the background score is really well and it enhances the mood.

Shyam dutt did an extraordinary work and his work can be seen in each and every frame of the film.The lighting is very good particularly the night shots and interiors are very well captured.This palyed a key role in the movie.
Editing and Post Production:
Editing is average and should have been even done better for even good results.The movie is so lenghtier and feels dragging.Costumes are very well.Art dept did a good job and its very neat.Totally the production values are very good.

The first half of the movie is little bit lenghtier and dragging.Its mixed with comedy and political backdrop.But it really sets up the plot and creates an excitement for the second half.The second is slow due to unwanted songs it made little bit dragging .Overall the movie is good and appreciable for its technical values .The films runs well at A and B centres but can have better results in C centre too if the promotion is well.Totally the movie is must watchable.

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