త్రిష – సమంతాల అందమైన గొంతు: చిన్మయి

తమిళంలో ‘విన్నైతాండివరువాయా’, తెలుగులో ‘ ఏ మాయ చేసావో’ సినిమాలు నచ్చినా నచ్చకపోయినా ప్రేక్షకులందరికీ నచ్చేది హీరోయిన్లు త్రిష-సమంత కు డబ్బింగ్ చెప్పిన గొంతు. ఆ అందమైన గొంతే లేకపోతే కథానాయిక పాత్రలోని సంక్లిష్టత ఎలివేట్ అయ్యుండదనేది సినిమా చూసిన ఎవరైనా ఖచ్చితంగా చెప్పే విషయమే. ఆ అందమైన గొంతు గాయని “చిన్మయి”ది. ఈ సినిమాల్లో డబ్బింగ్ చెప్పిన అనుభవాల్ని  తన బ్లాగులో ఇలా పంచుకుంది.

As always I write about this here only on the day of the film’s release. The entire experience of being a part of VTV has been amazing. The dubbing, singing in the movie, performing at BAFTA London, once again in Chennai, the rehearsals that went with that and more than anything else, getting to meet and spend time with people like Mr Rajeevan, Mr Anthony, Manoj Paramahamsa, Nalini Sriram and such super creators who were there during the trip to London and thanks to that I got to know all of them. The direction team who assist Gautham sir are good friends too now.
Dubbing in Malayalam was something I was hyper excited about. I have always loved the language and have hoped to learn it properly and maybe even be fluent in it. But for some strange reason, every time I learn a certain word or expression, someone else comes along and says that is wrong Malayalam. Despite all that I hope I get to speak some acceptable dialect, someday.
Now, more than ever I am adoring and admiring the people who are connected to this craft. The passion that they have, their ability to give their all, work 24 hours a day for several days,  even weeks at a stretch, their take on things which might be abstract and interesting, I find them all very fascinating. I like the way they talk about their craft, on putting things together… These are the kind of people that students should listen to. Maybe listening to them will inspire the students enough to pursue their passion and go after the true calling of their hearts, despite everything and despite anybody.
Gautham sir is someone who is so very open to suggestions from people and while working under him I observed that quality and reminded myself to learn from that. All that I had to do while dubbing for the movie was just hear him say the dialogue a couple of times and then repeat it.  He would literally act out every line. The way he says the dialogues are just awesome, for lack of a better word. I thought even if I could ‘ee adichaan’ copy the way he says the lines, or maybe as best as I can, it would be easy. The sessions were always fun. A lot of times Mr Ganesh would also be there and he is a man who is fun to have around. He has a quirky sense of humour and a peculiar voice. He might just be saying something like “I want to drink water” and I would double up laughing just for the way he says it. A couple of times I met Silambarasan at the dubbing studio and he used to do a great job of imitating Mr Ganesh. All the sessions were happy times, fun, with great food. I discovered the desserts of Sandy’s Chocolate Lab during these and we used to pig out on the food during breaks. Gautham sir and his team are great foodies. I met some great people, got to know them, made a couple of good friends in the process and this experience has given me beautiful memories that I will cherish.
I also went to Gemini Labs to watch how the coloring happens. Mr Raghu gave me a nice demo of how things are done, courtesy Manoj. Manoj is one of the highly spirited people I have met and once he starts talking about his craft  there is no stopping him. I wanted to know what DI was and said I was curious to know how that works. And promptly the session was arranged and it was an eye-opener. This entire time was also a reaffirmation to myself to keep my ears open and remember to listen a lot more. So much to learn, so much to know.
I also happened to visit when they were shooting Kannukkul Kannai. I could be there only for a very short while as the fumes of freshly painted sets was too much for me to bear. And there was the crew and the cast, working the entire day in that atmosphere. Trisha and Silambarasan okay-ed every take the first time. We have heard of things like that in interviews but it was wonderful to see that live.
If you have watched the movie, which I really wish you do and in theatres, and like my dubbing, the credit goes to Gautham sir entirely. He inspires people to work that way. Something I have heard from Manoj also. Almost like he casts a spell I believe when he narrates the script to his crew.  I always thought if there are people like Gautham sir in classrooms we would have wonderfully inspired students. But then this is my perception. I think perhaps teachers that inspire are way too far and few between. Anyway, I am digressing. Thank you Gautham sir for another wonderful learning experience and thank you to the members of the VTV team that I have met, who have given me some great times.
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