Environmental Film making workshop

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Workshop On Environmental Filmmaking – By Chandrasekhar Reddy

Young filmmakers –
Those who have a concern for their environment and our planet at large – can make a significant impact on the way we perceive, understand and relate to the world around us. The audio-visual medium is a powerful and effective tool in creating awareness about the environment – whether it is by documenting compelling stories or capturing the viewer’s imagination with quirky storytelling.

However, in an age of increasing ‘media clutter’ young filmmakers need to understand the medium and be able to constantly invent more sophisticated ways of getting their message across.

What are the tools available today to the filmmaker? How has technology altered the way films are made and shown? How easy is it to get funding for films? Why should we be making environmental films? These and many more questions will be explored during the workshop to try and understand the various aspects, issues and challenges of environmental filmmaking.

About the Facilitator:
Chandrasekhar Reddy is an independent filmmaker based in Mumbai. He has been producing and directing documentaries for television networks and development organisations (National Geographic Channel / United Nations Development Programme, etc).

Prior to this he has worked in a variety of media environment – from being a Senior Producer with Star India Network to being a Panel Director for production companies making commercials and features films.

His initial training and work has been as a cinematographer before he moved to directing. He has shot several documentaries and commercials on a variety of formats, from DV to film.

Date: from 27th August 2009, Thursday
Time: 9 AM to 1 PM (4 hours)
Venue: British Library, Bangalore
Fees: Rs. 1000 per person
For further information and registration please contact Mr Venkatesh Somashekhar at venkatesh.somashekh ar@in.britishcou

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