నాడొడిగళ్ (తమిళ్) – పరిచయం

Naadodigalతమిళ సినిమా ‘సుబ్రమణ్యపురం’ (అనంతపురం-1980)  నటుడు దర్శకుడు శశికుమార్ పూర్తిస్థాయి నటుడిగా మారిన చిత్రం “నాడోడిగళ్”. నాడోడిగళ్ అంటే అర్థం Nomads. నలుగురు స్నేహితుల కథ. ఈ చిత్రానికి దర్శకత్వం వహించింది ‘సముతిరకని’. గతవారం తమిళనాడులో విడుదలైన ఈ చిత్రం అటుప్రేక్షకులు ఇటు విమర్శకుల ప్రశంసలు అందుకుంటోంది.

ఇప్పటికే శశి కుమార్ మొదటి చిత్రం, రెండవ చిత్రం (నిర్మాతగా) ‘పసంగ’ల్ని నవతరంగం పరిచయం చేసింది. ఇప్పుడు మూడోచిత్రం గురించి వివిధ సమీక్షకుల స్పందన ఏమిటో పంచుకోవడం ద్వారా, ఈ చిత్రం పట్ల ఆసక్తిని పెంచి ఈ విన్నూత్న సినీసృజకుడికి (film maker) అభినందనలు తెలియజేయాలని ఒక చిరు ప్రయత్నం.
ఒక ప్రముఖ తెలుగు నిర్మాత ఈ చిత్రం హక్కులు కొన్నారని వినికిడి. అంటే త్వరలో డబ్బింగ్ రూపంగానో లేక రీమేక్ గానో ఈ సినిమా తెలుగులో సాక్షాత్కరించడం ఖాయం.

Sasikumar hits a hat-trick with Naadodigal. His actor-director-producer venture Subramaniyapuram was a super hit; he followed it with Pasanga, which he produced; now as lead actor in Naadodigal, he has hit the bull’s eye once more.”

“Wanna know the best quote on friendship? ‘Friends are someone who knows the heart in your song and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words’. Incisively, ‘Naadodigal’ centers on group of friends who polish this motif with a stunning version. Moreover, Sasi Kumar is keen on picking right scripts that revolves strongly on ‘Relationships’. When ‘Subramaniapuram’ spelled about betrayals and pitfalls of friendship and ‘Pasanga’ had a much equivalent appeal alike ‘Children of Heaven’. Here comes Nadodigal that ennobles the best friendships.”

“The caption ” MY FRIEND’S FRIEND IS MY FRIEND “ itself says that this movie is going to reach all teens, college students and school children.Also many middle age people will think of thier college days and incidents happened in their life on seeing many scenes of this movie.”

“A good movie does not need motivation for audience to watch it.It will automatically reach each audience to make him sit till last scene of the movie.And that is a big success for the movie and so “NADODIGAL” HAVE WON THE NAME THAT ITS REALLY A NICE MOVIE TO SIT WITH FRIENDS, FAMILY, PARENTS AND EVERY GROUP OF PEOPLE TO WATCH.”

1_Nadodigal“Sasi Kumar is brimmed with extraordinary appeal with onscreen presence. Perhaps, he has a unique charisma that carries off with audiences’ likeliness. Well, Director Samuthirakani does a marvellous directorial blending an interesting script with a gripping narration.”

“Sasi Kumar steals the show with his top-notching performance. He emotes fantastically to all situations. Let it be his relented shades or the emotional outburst in penultimate sequences; he’s awesome. Much accordingly Vijay Vasanth delivers a stupendous act and Bharani steals the show. On the grounds of hilarious lines as well heart-touching moments, the actor has gone ahead in places. Anaya does justice to her role while Abhinaya has a long way to go. Ganja Karuppu deserves special mention for fantabulous comedy tracks.”

Verdict: Strongly Recommended. Don’t Miss it “

  1. Venkata Ganesh. Veerubhotla July 7, 2009 /