Film Telangana-2009

Announcing ‘Film Telangana 2009’ a Digital Short film contest organized by Discover Telangana Inc.

Introduction to ‘Discover Telangana’:

Preserving literature, arts, history of Telangana and its memories is always priceless, realizing the same has been the sole motivation in building the comprehensive website ‘Discover Telangana’ by Discover Telangana Incorporated, (a nonprofit organization registered in the USA).

By preserving and archiving literature, Discover Telangana has been playing a significant role in enlightening its readers about Telangana literature, culture and heritage ever since its inception. One of the most important achievements of DT to date has been in compiling and tirelessly striving to bring forth original masterpieces of Telangana works by prominent and dedicated Telangana enthusiasts, poets and writers from wide and varied sources and encourage youth to actively participate, contribute for Telangana arts, media and literature. ‘Discover Telangana’ wants to reach out to more readers and successfully pass on its content to future generations.

Over 500 children participated in the painting competitions Discover Telangana Inc, conducted in Karimnagar, Nizamabad and Mahabubnagar last year as ‘Color Telangana 2008’ in coordination with Telangana IT Forum & Karimnagar Film Society. With this successful participation and encouragement Discover Telangana Incorporated is now proud to announce ‘Film Telangana 2009’ a digital short film competition.

About FILM TELANGANA 2009 & its Purpose:

Filmmaking has relatively been a less chartered territory among common folks, but with the advancements in Digital Film making Technology and its affordability, now anyone can roll out a short film relatively with little effort in the digital world. With its ability to reach out to a relatively larger audience base, we at Discover Telangana Inc, have been dwelling on the idea of putting together a competition for Telangana short films called “Film Telangana 2009” (FT9), to bring out more audio visual content about Telangana and introduce new talent.

New film makers need to be groomed so that we’ll have quality visual treat. Events such as these can motivate the younger generations to learn more about Telangana in a better manner and cover far-fetched topics that have never been covered before. Our belief is that, such films don’t just create an impact on people from Telangana but people from all walks, given the right exposure to the deserving films and film makers.

There is no better evidence than demonstration of the splendor of beautiful culture, traditions and the people of Telangana. Currently there is a need for visual representation of the struggles and miseries being faced and a portrait of Telangana that has been ethically fraught with numerous other grave problems. All these can be incorporated into a single media event, in no better way than a short film contest, as we strongly feel that it allows you to see the world through the creative eyes.

FILM TELANGANA 2009 Competition Details

Applications & Fees:

Interested film makers / participants can send a (non-refundable) Money order for 500 Rupees on the name of Karimnagar Film Society to the following address for their application forms, to be submitted before 7th February, 2009


Karimnagar Film Society (KaFiSo)

Film Bhavan, Collectorate Road,

Karimnagar- 505001

(A.P) India

What would evolve from such an event?

The art of film making is a cumulative learning process and requires considerable amount of collaboration in gathering credible details. Thus we hope the result of FILM TELANGANA 2009 will educate amateur filmmakers like never before about varied facets of Telangana, its culture and the issues.

Any novice participant interested in this contest would not only be educating himself on various unknown facts on Telangana but will also be indirectly aiding in enlightening others through his/her film. Apart from that, of course we are very hopeful that ‘Film Telangana 2009’ will act as a catalyst in launching an exciting and productive film career for all the budding filmmakers out there, especially in Telangana.

Dates of the Competition:

If changed the dates will be announced

  • 12th January, 2009: The digital short film competition Starts
  • 7th February, 2009: Last dates to Submit Applications
  • 28th February, 2009: Last dates to Submit short films
  • 7th / 8th March, 2009: Final prize Distribution (Conducted in Hyderabad, final venue & date to be announced later)


There will be two different categories for the participants,

  1. Short films Under 5 minutes (Minimum 1 minute, Maximum 5 minutes)
  2. Short films Under 30 minutes (Minimum 10 minutes, Maximum 30 minutes)

Formats & Submission:

Only Digital short films will be accepted in .AVI .MPEG .WMI .MOV formats, which will be uploaded on our website ( ).

* 2 copies of the short film have to be submitted as DVDs / CDs
* Along with a minimum of half page summary about the movie & credits
* Accompanied with stills from the movie & film maker in .JPG format.


Film makers can submit their short films under the following categories

  • Telangana Culture
  • Telangana Resources
  • Telangana Issues
  • Telangana Places
  • Telangana People
  • Telangana History & Struggles

Award Ceremony:

All the films submitted will be reviewed and judged by a jury of well known film makers to be announced soon on our website ( ). The competition ends with an award ceremony function to be held at Hyderabad. On this day the top 10-15 movies will be showcased to the audience and awards will be presented later to the best films under various categories.

Cash Prizes:

Winners of the contest will be awarded with following cash prizes during the award ceremony to be held at Hyderabad.

  • Rs 200,000/- in total prizes
  • జయప్రకాశ్ తెలంగాణ

  • Rs 50,000/- for First Grand Prize (in each 5 & 30 minute category)
  • Rs 25,000/- for Second Prize (in each 5 & 30 minute category)
  • Rs 25,000/- for Special Jury Prize (from both 5 & 30 minute category)
  • Rs 25,000/- for Special Student Prize (from both 5 & 30 minute category)

Contact for more Details:

  • You can email us at for more details about the competition or if interested in sponsorships
  • Or Call Anand Varala (President, Karimnagar Film Society / KaFiSo) on +91.94405.01281

‘Film Telangana 2009’ Organized by:

Discover Telangana Incorporated

USA registered Non-profit organization (Tax-ID # 26-3320796)


Karimnagar Film Society (KaFiSo)

For Press MEDIA KIT  Visit

Email us at for more details

JayaPrakash Telangana
Founder & Director Discover Telangana Incorporated |

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