నవతరంగం సభ్యుని సినిమా అంతర్జాతీయ చలనచిత్రోత్సవంలో….

BRIDES OF LORD SHIVA a documentary film made on the subject of SHIVAPARVATHULU has been selected to screen in the International ETHNOGRAPHIC FILM FESTIVAL to be held in the European country Slovenia .

The film is directed by the Karimnagarite and renowned film critic Mr. Varala Anand.

As per the communication received by the film maker from the Programme Director of the festival Dr. Nasko Kriznar the international film festival is to begin on 19 of May 6, 2008 and runs for a week , it contains around 40 films selected from all over the world among which two films are from India . First is BRIDES OF LORD SHIVA and the other one is LOST WATER a film from Gujarat made by Dasjxin Bajrange.

Festival is organized by Slovene Ethnological society in collaboration with Royal Netherlands Akademi, Institute of culture and Slovenian Akademi of Sciences.

The festival showcases great variety of different forms of visual ethnography and documentaries presenting anthropological and ethnological questions of the third world.

Many film makers from allover the world are expected to participate in the festival and the film makers of the faprticipant films are being invited to the festival said the organizers.

BRIDES OF LORD SHIVA is a documentary film made on the the age old tradition of people, both men and women marrying Lord Shiva is continuing in the temple of Sri Raja Rajeshwara Swamy Temple of Vemulawada in Karimnagar district in Andhra Pradesh of India

The traditional marriage of men and women with the God is observed during Sri Rama Navami Festival every year. They are called SHIVAPARVATHULU.

On this day in their bridal attire, with a saffron mark on their fore head, jaggery and jeera on their heads, thrishool in their hands, by sprinkling Thalambralu(sacred turmeric rice grains) on each other and on the god, tens of thousands of Shivaparvathulu celebrate their wedding with Lord Shiva with pomp and revelry

The documentary depicts the culture, custom and lifestyle of Shivaparvathulu with the Lord Shiva………

The film is already entered in the Puri Film Festival and received good reviews.

The executive committee of Karimnagar Film Society has congratulated the film maker Varala Anand on the entry of his film in the International Film Festival.

నవతరంగం సభ్యుడైన ఆనంద్ సినిమా అంతర్జాతీయ చలనచిత్రోత్సవంలో ప్రదర్శింపబడుతున్నందుకు అభినందనలు.

త్వరలో ఈ డాక్యుమెంటరీ చిత్రాన్ని నవతరంగం ద్వారా అందించే ప్రయత్నం చేస్తాం.

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