హైదరాబాదు చలనచిత్రోత్సవ విజేతలు


రెండవ హైదరాబాదు చలనచిత్రోత్సవం ఈ నెల 3 నుండి పది వరకూ జరిగిన సంగతి తెలిసిందే. గతంలో కంటే ఎంతో వైభవంగా జరిగిన ఈ చలన చిత్రోత్సవం విజయవంతం కావడం రాబోయే రోజుల్లో తెలుగు ప్రేక్షకులు మరిన్ని ఉత్తమ చలన చిత్రాలు చూడగలిగే అవకాశం వుంది.

ఈ చిత్రోత్సవంలో వరుసగా రెండో సారి అవార్డు గెలుచుకున్న ప్రముఖ నటుడు, రచయిత తనికెళ్ళ భరణి గారికి నవతరంగం ద్వారా అభినందనలు. అలాగే మిగిలిన విజేతలకూ నవతరంగం ద్వారా మా హృదయపూర్వక అభినందనలు.

జనవరి పదవ తేదీన ముగిసిన రెండవ అంతర్జాతీయ చలనచిత్రోత్సవం లో అవార్డులు గెలుచుకున్న విజేతలు వివరాలు:

Non-Fiction (1-45 నిమిషాలు)

ఉత్తమ చలనచిత్రం

Anamika – Rajesh Touchriver

Reaching the unreached…exploring the risky and showing reality in its truest form is what Anamika-The Nameless does on the issue of trafficking of women and children for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation. Shot in various red light areas with actual testimonies of victims this documentary is a bold attempt to portray the murkier realities of the flesh trade market.

ఉత్తమ దర్శకుడు

Shifting Prophecy-Merajur Rehman Baruah

A film on the struggle of rural Muslim women in particular Sherifa Khanam to fight the sexist rulings of the conventional Jamaat (a group of Islamic male elders who decide on family issues of marriage, dowry, divorce etc) and patriarchal social order in Tamil Nadu.

For the last seven years Merajur Rahman Baruah has been involved in making documentaries and television programmes in various capacities on a plethora of issues ranging from art and sculptures, sexuality, issues on conflict, human rights and communalism to environmental issues. Many of the documentary films he was associated with have received wide appreciation and won many awards.

Non-Fiction (1-15 నిమిషాలు)

ఉత్తమ చలనచిత్రం
‘Juxtapose’ directed by Anindya Dey

ఉత్తమ దర్శకుడు
Blue Cross-Tanikella Bharani

Fiction(1-45 నిమిషాలు)

ఉత్తమ చలనచిత్రం
‘Ichhe Dana’ directed by Rwita Dutta

Ichche Dana revolves around two women, one named Dana (Amina Khan) who is Bengali and lives in a plush apartment in Kolkata and Aina (Ananya Kasaravalli), a rustic girl from a different state who worked as a labourer in rural Bengal but was killed by the villagers who labelled her a witch because when she became pregnant, she refused to abort the baby. Dana is a beautiful young girl who has lost her mother while very young and has a rich father who is too steeped in his affluence and his jet setting business to care about what is happening to his only child. Dana is a loner who lives in self-imposed isolation and is alienated from the mainstream so much so that she develops suicidal tendencies. In one such suicide attempt, a young man saves her life and urges her to keep on living, come what may. He nurtured dreams of going to the US and making it big. They have a brief relationship and Dana gets pregnant. But the man is no longer a part of her life by then. The film is an interaction between the live Dana and the dead Aina who suddenly surfaces in Dana’s life when the latter learns that she is pregnant, urging her, arguing with her, persuading her to continue with the pregnancy and become a mother. Will Dana keep the baby and find a new meaning in her life? Or will she, like her dead alter ego Aina, abort the child?
మరిన్ని విశేషాల కొరకు ఇక్కడ చూడండి.

ఉత్తమ దర్శకుడు
‘Stones’ directed by Vema Giri

Fiction(1-15 నిమిషాలు)

ఉత్తమ చలనచిత్రం

‘Time Out’ directed by Deepak Rajgor
ఈ సినిమా గురించి మరిన్ని వివరాల కొరకు ఈ చిత్ర దర్శకుడు దీపక్ బ్లాగు ఇక్కడ చదవొచ్చు

ఉత్తమ దర్శకుడు
‘Voices of Tomorrow’ directed by Pratima Jaidev

జ్యూరీ అవార్డులు


జ్యూరీచే మెచ్చుకోబడ్డ చిత్రాలు

పచ్చబొట్టు-లతా మోహన్
24 Times 7 – T Varghese

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